Web-Site Design

We at SKADAS, deliver the best and globally accepted designs. Majorly the purpose of the web-site, the targeted audience, attraction point in the web designing, guiding factors to the user, responsive and many more.

We share knowledge with our customers so as to develop the perfect result giving the product. Many of these things are correlated with our mission and vision for which we take a keen interest in perfection rather than quantitive work. We are the only company in Nashik / Nasik city doing web designing who share the information so deeply with the customer because we know customers have really very less idea about it.

5 Factors to keep in mind while web designing


The design should be very clear and loud for what it is made. The design should not just show the best designs and information of the company but it should match the color sense, graphics quality, according to various factors of targeted audience like age, gender, cost of the product, product authority.


The way of communication always matters when it comes to the visitor with multiple choices of other similar websites. The visitor likes the website which communicates easily with it. Very sadly, this term is overlooked by the web designer which makes a huge loss to the owner.

Page layout

A portion of the UI web designing is disturbed by the quality of the page layout. Just an example, a developer may consider whether the site's page layout should remain consistent on different pages when making the layout. The major problem arises when it comes to mobile view. Mobile view is an important factor in today's date. In Nashik, mostly people access over mobile and very poor results are obtained when not taken seriously.

Motion Graphics

The motion graphics is the unique and very interacting way with the customers. But there should be a sense of using it perfectly. The mascot graphics for this purpose can be the best practice to use, depending on where to use and also on the type of service or product the website is made. It should be responsive.

Standard code

The quality of the code should be compatible with the browser standard. This is very much unfamiliar with the customer. Web designing must be responsive. The best CSS and HTML tags at their place make the best standard website. This helps a lot in the ranking of the website for the SEO. Only best coders are aware of these things. We are one at Skadas, Nashik.